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The society Mimansa Foundation was formed in March 2009 with many objectives. The prime objective was to strengthen the education system of the nation so as to produce able, dynamic, and visionary leaders in different fields to drive the country in future. Siddhant World School, Lucknow is the first initiative in that direction. 

Mimansa Foundation will ensure that the vision with which SWS, Lucknow is started is fulfilled. It will ensure that school management appoints efficient teachers who are ready to work in coherence with school vision.

This is the first initiative and it is not going to stop here. Mimansa Foundation has a vision for opening chains of schools and it will go for higher education projects also.


Congratulations star of last month

Bravo! Your exceptional academic performance and unwavering commitment to attending classes have earned you the well-deserved title of "Student of the Month." Wishing you continued success on your educational journey.



Tejas Mittal
(Mmath Course, Oxford, UK)

I joined SWS in class IX and had a fulfilled experience of knowledge and Learning under the guidance of Anurag Sir and S.W.S teachers. Our chairman sir, as my torch bearer was the first person to gauge my potential and encouraged me to pitch my talent properly in the right Direction. Through S.W.S. I got to know about various notional and International mathematics competitions. The teachers of S.W.S tutored me for various subjects and imparted competition related inputs alongside, this helped me score 94% marks in X Board and also lead me win notional and International mathematical awards. I have also cleared NSEJS, Olympiads atDifferent levels and various other competitions. I would like to extend my gratitude towards the chairman, principal and teachers of S.W.S for being the part of my Career journey.


Ojas Mittal
(Mmath Course, Oxford, UK)

It was a great experience learning under the guidance of Anurag Sir in Siddhant World School. Apart from imparting the best education, our School also provided us with ample opportunities to explain ourselves and grow in the domain of special interests. It was only because of S.W.S that we came to know about various Olympiads and competitions, my curiosity in science and particularly Maths got kindled under the tutelage of S.W.S teachers or apart from getting a score of 93% in board exams. I was also able to crack various national and international Olympiads and bring laurels to the country. I shall ever be indebted to Siddhant World School and Thank Chairman Sir for all the Guidance and Support.


Ayush Dhiman
(CBSE – Class X- 94%)

I have secured 94% in CBSC Class X exam. I awe my success to my parents and all my teachers. All this could not have been possible without the timely guidance of our respected Chairman Sir. All the teachers have helped me a lot in understanding every topic, especially Dilipsir, who helped me in clearing my doubts in mathematics.


Saumya Shukla
(IIT Guwahati - Percentile 93.1%)

I Saumya Shukla would like to extend my gratitude to our School Chairman- Anurag Sir, my teachers and my parents who supported and guided me throughout the preparation without which the success which I cherished in my board examinations would not have been possible.

I was regular in revising my lessons and never missed my classes. I paid 100% attention in class and the teachers also helped me in solving all my doubts related to various subjects. Continuous appreciation and encouragement infused a lot of confidence in me and I performed well in my examinations.


Shivani Verma
(CBSE – Class X- 93%)

I, Shivani Verma a student of Siddhant world school scored 93% in class X board examinations. I had thought that it would of very difficult for the school staff to manage with a child like me as I had studied in a Hindi medium school in Sitapur. After being denied admission in one of the reputed institutions of Lucknow, due to my Hindi background my father got me admitted in Siddhant world school in class 7th. I sincerely extend my gratitude to our Chairman Sir Mr. Anurag Misra and all my teachers who mentored me and infused confidence in me. As a result I was able to score high grades in all the subjects especially in English I scored 97 marks.


Aman Vishwakarma
(JEE MAINS - Percentile 98.44)

I am truly grateful for the supportand valuable insightgained from the teachers which helped me make my way to JEE MAINS.

The school focuses on improving and strengthening concept and the classroom atmosphere is very competitive. The institution provides the latest IT Solutions in the school LearningEnvironment- like the OnlineTesting Portal which helped us in practicingand preparing for JEE Mains.

I would extend my gratitude to our Chairman Anurag MisraSir and the school teachers for their continuous guidance and support throughout the school years.

In a nutshell SWS played a very decisive role in my preparation and I will highly recommend it to students who are aiming for various competitive examinations….


Siddhant Singh
(JEE MAINS - Percentile 98.86)

Personal tutoring or coaching centers are not an options if you are someone studying at Siddhant World School..

The study environment and competitive guidance from the initial years of schooling in the form of BTT and SMQ helped me in achieving my goals. I would like to thank our mentor, Chairman Sir Mr. Anurag Misra for the continuous guidanceand motivation. Quality teaching and productive environment provided by the schoolunder the supervision of our chairman sir paved my way to success in JEE MAINS….


Divyanshu Mishra
(JEE MAINS - Percentile 94.67)

Continuous support and mentoring from the teachers of IX to XII helped me to maintain the impressive quality of education in the school. When you ponder about your capabilities and channelize your efforts towards realizing your potential you tend to bridge the gap between reality and your dreams.The institution has always showed extraordinary enhancement under the guidance of our chairman Sir Mr. Anurag Misra Who himself is an educationist and an IITian.

I thank the institution for helping me realize my dreams and achieving success in the JEE MAINS



Jay Pal Singh

Class 03 A


Usman Khan

Class 08 A


Laiba Noor

Class 11 PCB


25 Mar

New Academic Session 2023-24 Commencing from 27 March 2023

The Parents are requested to send their ward in complete school uniform neatly Dressed and ensure that the child reaches the school well in time . The school gate will close sharp at 8.05 am for classes 1 to 12 . Please send the complete set of books and copies neatly covered to school on the first day . Timings on Monday for : Pg ,Lkg and Ukg will be 9am to 11.30 am . Parents are requested to submit the books and copies to the class teachers on Monday between 11.45 am to 1.45 am . Timings only on Monday for classes 1 to 5 will be 8 am to 12.50 pm . And for classes 6 to 12 will be 8am to 1pm only on Monday.

15 Apr

Art and painting competition Form class Ist to class IXth

The competition will be conducted house wise on the basis of the following groups and themes Group 1- for classes I ,II , III Theme -" Clean city and green city " using crayons,pencil colours or sketch pen. Group 2 - For classes IV, V ,VI Theme- " Save our planet " Using water colours or sketch pens Group 3-for classes VII, VIII and IX Theme - " Environmental health" using acrylic colours . Note -: *please bring your art copy along with colours ,pencils sharpeners and erasers

21 Jun

Yoga Day Invitation 2023

"Yoga is the cessation of the movements of the mind. Then there is abiding in the Seer's own form.” We cordially invite you to join a live Yoga session with Yoga Guru Mr Deepak Chauhan on 21st June 2023 at 8.00 am by clicking on the given link. So join us on time for YOGA FOR FITNESS in the comfort of your home and make it your Lifestyle for a good overall well-being.

30 Jun

Registeration for the 2023-24 SOF Olympiad

SOF Olympiad exams are diagnostic tests aimed at assisting parents and teachers to indentify weak areas in each students and improve them through focused efforts. SOF Exams also acknowledge good performance, motivate and make students competition ready. The Olympiads will be conducted on the following dates. 1. International General knowledge Olympiad - 10th October 2023 2. International English Olympiad - 2nd November 2023 3. National Science Olympiad -21st November 2023. 4. International Mathematics Olympiad - 14th December 2023. 5. National Cyber (Computer) Olympiad - 28th November 2023. 6. International Social science Olympiad - 18th January 2024. 7. International Commerce Olympiad - 18th January 2024.

29 Jul

Annual Concert 2023 on 1st and 2nd December 2023

We at Siddhant World School provide opportunities to all our students to showcase their talents as per their ability and interest involving Music, Dance and Drama. It is our earnest endeavor to involve each and every child in the Annual Concert, by identifying the hidden talent, provide guidance, train the children and make them excel in their part during the Annual Concert.

31 Jul

Friendship Day Celebration

Friendship day is an occasion that calls for celebrating the presence of friends in our lives. SWS is organizing activities on the occasion of friendship day for classes from classes LKG to VIII On 05/08/2025 ie. Saturday

12 Aug

Independence Day 2023 Celebration

Ramp walk/ Fancy dress for Pre Primary will be organised on Monday ie 14 August' 23. Class PG to UKG students must dress up like any freedom fighter and speak few words about them.

21 Aug

Live Streaming of Chandrayaan-3 in the School premises

On 23rd August 2023 at 5:30pm IST onwards, the Chandrayaan-3 mission is scheduled to perform a soft landing on the moon. To enhance students' engagement with this historic event, we are organizing a live streaming of the landing on the school premises.