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Rakshabandhan Celebration

Title: Rakshabandhan Celebration
Event Date: 08-31-2023
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Rakshabandhan is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters. There were countless activities performed in Siddhant World School on 29 th and 30th August to make this day memorable On 29th August Rakshabandhan -themed art and craft sessions were organised for classes I to VIII, where students made Rakhi, Rakshabandhan cards, and envelopes in which the students participated enthusiastically. On 30th August students of class I A and B gave a wonderful dance performance followed by a ramp walk. These activities allowed students to showcase their creativity and express their affection for their brother.

Independence Day

Title: Independence Day
Event Date: 08-15-2023
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Independence Day is celebrated annually on August 15, commemorating the Nation’s independence. To celebrate the 77th year of Independence and to pay homage and tribute to the freedom fighters of our Nation, SWS organized a patriotic cultural morning on August 15, 2023, The pre-primary kids participated in the Ramp walk with full of immense love for their nation. Students of classes VI-XII poured out the values of our rich culture, unity and brotherhood through colors by participating in the drawing & poster making competition. Senior Students of classes VIII -XII were very excited and participated in an array of colorful events.All the participants presented amazing performances which filled the whole ambience with festivity and patriotism. Our school Manager, Mr. Vijay Kumar Mishra, unfurled our national flag, symbolizing our dignity & inspired the kids with his words of wisdom. Our Vice Principal ma'am Mrs. Poonam Khanna , explained the true meaning of freedom. The celebrations ended with the echoes of our national song, followed by the distribution of sweets and refreshments.

International Youth Day

Title: International Youth Day
Event Date: 08-12-2023
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On the occasion of International Youth Day,i.e 12 th of August 2023, Siddhant World School had the privilege of hosting a distinguished guest speaker, Mr. Deepak Singh Salhipore who is a renowned lawyer of UP One of Mr. Salhipore's most commendable achievements is the establishment of the NGO "AUM" (Association for Upliftment of Mankind), which reflects his dedication to social upliftment and welfare. An interactive session took place which allowed students to ask questions about the profession, its scope and the educational journey required to become a lawyer On this remarkable day , Mr. Salhipore's inspiring journey and impactful contributions served as a beacon of motivation for our students, highlighting the power of education, dedication, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

Investiture Ceremony

Title: Investiture Ceremony
Event Date: 08-09-2023
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9 August , 2023- Siddhant World School, elected the student council for the current academic session i.e. 2023-24. Investiture Ceremony was held in the school campus where the official office bearers marched down the aisle with their school and house flags. It was a day of colours, excitement and exuberance for the school and teachers who were witnessing their students take new leadership roles. The programme began with the arrival of our School Vice- Principal Mrs Poonam Khanna .They presented the badges and sashes to the council members who marched past their way into the ground. Mr. Abhay Shankar Tiwari was crowned as a Head boy of the school followed by Shilpi Shukla as a head girl. Our school’s house captains of equality house Astha, Avneendra Pratap Singh of Justice house, Abhinav Mishra of Liberty house and Siddharth Singh of unity house, our school Sports captains Anmol Mishra and Sonali Vishvakarma along with Activity in-charges Subhanshi Singh and Nitesh Khushwaha were also felicitated. Then the oath ceremony administered by our Vice-Principal Ma’am took place where each member of the council promised to work for the welfare of the school and the children. Sharing words of wisdom with everyone, our Vice-Principal ma'am explained about the value of sportsmanship and team spirit and motivated students to never stop seeking and learning for it is a never ending process. The class monitors from class I to XI were also felicitated in today’s investiture ceremony.

Friendship Day

Title: Friendship Day
Event Date: 08-05-2023
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Friendship Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the bond of friendship and cherish the special people in our lives. There are countless activities to make this day memorable and strengthen our connections. These activities will not only strengthen your friendships but also make a positive impact on the community. Siddhant world school organised Friendship-themed art and craft sessions on 5th August , where students create friendship bracelets, cards, and other handmade gifts for their classmates. These activities allow students to showcase their creativity and express their affection for their friends. This special day reminds us of the importance of nurturing and valuing our friendships. It encourages us to be there for our friends in times of need and to celebrate their successes and joys. Friendship Day is a beautiful reminder that true friendship is a treasure that enriches our lives and makes the world a better place.