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Pre-Diwali celebration

Title: Pre-Diwali celebration
Event Date: 10-21-2022
Total Photo(s): 7
Siddhant World School Lucknow organised "Diwali Illuminati” a fun and buoyant Pre-Diwali celebration, on 21st October 2022 , a harbinger of festivities, in the school premises. A cultural evening of dance and music along with famous cuisine and games stalls generated immense fun and frolic. People in pursuit of a refreshing break from their hectic daily schedule, enjoyed the evening with an absolute sense of freedom and exaltation. It was an evening well spent with the loved ones , while enjoying the festive fervor with scrumptious food and shopping spree . The amalgamation of live band with the foot tapping beats added a new dimension to the Dancing trend at SWS. The crowd experienced a new musical high and ecstasy of this celebration. It was a wonderful spectacle of groovy dance moves of not only young boys and girls swirling in graceful rhythmic patterns but also the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties siblings and friends delicately balancing themselves on the light-footed beats.It seemed as if the raucous music had cast musical spell on everyone. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Rashmi Singh, along with the enthusiastic team evolved the event to be a roaring success. She personally attended to the arrangements to ensure a smile on the faces of all guests.


Title: Dussehra
Event Date: 10-01-2022
Total Photo(s): 14
Keeping the festive spirit alive,Dussehra was celebrated on 1st October in Siddhant World School with great fervour and fanfare. Various activities including Durga Vandana, Dandiya mashup , song , play and a dance on Hanuman Chalisa glorified the occasion. Dandiya was also organised for pre primary children . To mark Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana and to reinforce the message that good always triumphs over evil,the effigy of Ravana was burnt .All the children enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the celebration .Beautiful Dussehra takeaways were given to the children. This day was memorable for everyone which will be cherished for a long time.

Happy Gandhi and Shashtri Jayanti.

Title: Happy Gandhi and Shashtri Jayanti.
Event Date: 10-02-2022
Total Photo(s): 7
“There is nothing higher than the Truth.” Our pre- primary wing organised a *fancy dress activity* where our little munchkins dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri and vigorously participated in it. The tiny tots delivered short speeches highlighting their quotes and conveyed their noble messages in the most effective and influential manner. A cleanliness drive was also organised where our young volunteers gathered with their little trash bins to clean their school premises Our respected Principal Mrs. Rashmi ma'am paid tribute to Gandhi ji and Shashtri ji.

Hindi Elocution

Title: Hindi Elocution
Event Date: 09-25-2022
Total Photo(s): 5
This event unfolded at Siddhant World School. Each participant contributed one point to his house and each awardee contributed two points to their respected houses. We had two esteemed judges Mrs Himani Singh and Mrs Anita Chauhan (Hindi department Heads) The participants presented their pieces very impressively.The students did a wonderful job. The Judges were very impressed by the variety of topics chosen by students and the way it was presented before them.. The students represented different houses and different topics which was very soothing to ears and also created a heart touching atmosphere in the auditorium. Everyone was overwhelmed by the way children were reciting the poems and the moral value each poem had was very meaningful. The Elocution not only gave the children the confidence to come up on the stage and speak but it also helped the children to remove their stage fear and develop a personality which gives them freedom to share their opinions without hesitation .


Title: MAGIC SHOW 2022
Event Date: 08-29-2022
Total Photo(s): 4
A Magic Show is a combination of science, art and comedy. The tricks arouses the children's curiousity to learn new things, promotes friendly interaction, strengthens their focus and improves student-teacher relationship, which results in better learning environment & outcomes. It was organized in the school auditorium of the SWS school. Students, teachers and non-teaching staff were present to enjoy the magic show. The theme of the Magic show was red or black dress. Pre-primary teachers of *SWS* showed different magics like *rolling stick, magic tube , magical water coin , colour changing water magic , candle magic and playing card magic* . The students were spellbound to see the tricks of the teachers. Then teachers clicked the pictures of students on decorated standy with magic props . At last, teachers gave takeaways to all students.